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Get more from The Adelphi with the More App. Our Order & Pay App is the best way to make the most of your visit to our pub in Preston.

Want to know how you can earn points and pounds on every order you make at The Adelphi? Simply download now or read on!


You’re reading on, good choice! Let’s get into the details then. Whenever you sign up to the More app, we also allocate you a loyalty card, just like that - we’re so lovely. You can use our app to order delicious food and drink to your table, which will give you points, and what do points make? 😉


★ We’ll give you 10 points for every £1 you spend ★

★ 200 points converts to £2 to spend however you like ★

You can keep tabs on your points and pounds in the ‘My Loyalty Card’ section on the the app. Whilst you’re there, why not check the ‘offers’ section to see what other amazing things you can get at The Adelphi? We're sure you can work out when Wing Wednesday is, but what about Craft and Cocktail Night?

If you’re a little more old school and still have a plastic card, don’t worry - just enter the details when you sign up and we’ll link the card to your account.


More reasons to download

Still need convincing?! Fair enough. How about you download now and we’ll give you double points every Monday?

Yep, 20 points earned for every £1 spent!


For any support queries, please email [email protected]

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