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New and Exclusive Drinks at The Gosta Green

Join us at the best pub in Birmingham this summer to sample some of our newest cocktails, spirit mixers, and beers in the sunshine!

There's nothing better than boozing in the summer sun with your best mates, so check out at what's new below and make a booking today to try every new drink on offer!

Sparkling Sunset - New!

Sparkling Sunset Cocktail

Try out the newest and most refreshing cocktail at The Gosta Green!

Our carefully crafted Sparkling Sunset cocktail consists of Verano pineapple gin, orange juice, prosecco and a drizzle of grenadine - four flavours of summer rolled into one delicious drink!

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Pick & Mix - Double Spirit + Mixer

Pick 'N' Mix

Because vodka + coke is so boring - have some more fun with your spirit mixers! Choose any combo:

The Spirits
Gordon's Tropical Passionfruit gin - Captain Morgan Spiced Apple rum - Havana Club Cuban Spiced rum - Absolut Watermelon vodka - Tanqueray Ten gin

The Mixers
Gunna Raspberry lemonade - Coca-Cola Signature Smoky Mixer - Schweppes lemonade - Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic - Fever-Tree Mediterranean

Exclusive Beers - Beavertown Lunar Haze and Camden Ice Cream Vanilla Lager

New and Exclusive Craft Beers

Try out scintillating new flavours this summer with refreshing craft beers from your favourite breweries!

Cool down with Camden Town Brewery's Ice Cream Vanilla Lager before sampling Beavertown Lunar Haze IPA.

Beer has never been this refreshing... enjoy it in Birmingham today!