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Loaded Sub, Fries & A Drink - From £6.95. Every Day Til 4pm.

Lunch and a Drink

Enjoy our brilliant sub and a drink deal from just £6.95!

Available till 4pm.

House sub and a soft drink (all served with fries) - £6.95

 Sloppy Joe Sub (899 kcal) ✦  Chicken Curry Sub (1334 kcal)  ✦  Meatball Marinara Sub (1114 kcal)  ✦  NGCI Sloppy Joe Roll (857 kcal)

  Hero sub or Quesadilla and a soft drink (all served with fries) - £7.95

Southern Fried Chicken & Bacon Sub (1206 kcal  ✦  Chicken & Avo Sub (1196 kcal)    BBQ Jackfruit Sub (890 kcal)  ✦  Buffalo Sub (942 kcal)  ✦ Kickin' Chicken Quesadilla (1009 kcal) ✦ Feta & Avo Quesadilla (V) (1004 kcal)

 Choose one of the following soft drinks:

Large Diet Coke (2 kcal)  ✦  Large Coke Zero (3 kcal)  ✦  Large Schweppes Lemonade (103 kcal)

+ £1.00: Pint of Carling, Pint of Coors Light, Pint of Magners, Pint of Thatchers, 25ml Smirnoff Red, Jack Daniel's or Gordon's and mixer*.

+£1.50: Pint of Stella Artois, Pint of Estrella Damm, 25ml Ketel One, Gordon's Pink, Tanqueray or Sailor Jerry and mixer*.

*Mixers include diet coke, coke zero, Schweppes lemonade or Fever-Tree bottle (all flavours).

Make sure to beat the lunch time rush and book a table in advance!

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T&C's apply: Can't be used in conjunction with any other offers. From a selected range. Price may vary depending on the premium food/drink options available. All menu items and offers are subject to availability. Food and drink must be purchased at the same time. Management reserves the right to refuse custom and/or withdraw/change offers (without notice), at any time. Some sites many not be able to supply all the subs/quesadillas/drinks listed here.