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Lunch and a Drink in Greenwich

⭐ From £7.50 ⭐

Sometimes you just need a bite to eat whilst having a nice afternoon pint with your mates.

You can enjoy any of the below loaded subs or quesadillas (sandwiches are so boring!) as part of our amazing offer any afternoon of the week until 4pm!

All subs and quesadillas are complemented by skinny fries (V).

Or, if your taste buds prefer something with a bit more of a kick, you can customise your fries and swap the skinny fries for angry fries (V), triple-cooked chunky chips (VG), sweet & sour pickled onion fries (VG) or salted chilli fries (VG). So much choice! 😏

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Cluck it Up: southern-fried chicken with bacon and mayo
Posh Fish Finger: cod goujons with lettuce and tartare sauce
Cheesy Joe: slow-cooked beef in BBQ sauce with melted cheese and red onion
Guac Chick: chicken, avocado, Bulleit Bourbon bacon & onion jam, tomato and mayo
Jacked & Smokin' (VG): BBQ pulled jackfruit with Violife grated mature


Kickin' Chicken: Karaage coated chicken with grated cheese, Korean BBQ sauce, spinach, spring onion and rocket
Feta & Avo (V)*: feta and avocado with grated cheese, tomato, spinach, red pepper & sesame houmous and rocket

*Vegan alternative available

Choose Your Drink

🥤 Large Diet Coke, Coke Zero or Schweppes Lemonade 🥤
☕ All regular hot drinks ☕
Strathmore Still / Sparkling (330ml)

🍺 Upgrade for £1 🍷
Any pint from our core draught beer and cider range*
25ml Smirnoff / Jack Daniel's / Gordon's & Mixer
175ml Corrida White / Red / Rose

⭐ Upgrade for £2 ⭐
Any pint from our premium draught beer and cider range*
25ml Bulleit Bourbon / Absolut / Gordon's Pink / Tanqueray / Captain Morgan Spiced & Mixer
175ml New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or Callia Selected Malbec
175ml Vinuva Prosecco

*The products in our core and premium draught range are frequently rotated to ensure customers always enjoy the best beer and cider. Please ask your server to confirm which products are available before ordering.

Calorie Information

Loaded Subs: Cluck It Up (1206 kcal); Posh Fish Finger (941 kcal); Cheesy Joe (899 kcal); Guac Chick (1196 kcal); Jacked & Smokin' (VG) (890 kcal)

Quesadillas: Kickin' Chicken Quesadilla (1009 kcal); Feta & Avo Quesadilla (V) (950 kcal)

Fries: Skinny fries calories included in burgers/toppers/hot dogs. Angry Fries (V) (+165 kcal); Triple-Cooked Chunky Chips (VG) (+15 kcal); Sweet & Sour Pickled Onion Fries (VG) (+11 kcal); Salted Chilli Fries (VG) (+14 kcal)

Soft Drinks: Diet Coke (2 kcal); Coke Zero (3 kcal); Schweppes Lemonade (103 kcal); Strathmore Water (0 kcal)