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One Giant Leap for RAWK

29 Feb
Saturday 29th February 22:00 - 04:00

We were considering what to do for leap year, as it's quite special that a RAWK night would land on the 29th... and then we thought space, astronauts, giant leaps for mankind and music.... and possibly the third most famous astronaut behind Buzz and Neil has to be the flag waving fella from MTV!

MTV has broken many boundaries and taken leaps of it's own... with it's now legendary live n loud, unplugged and alternative attitude.

before reality tv, there was jackass, celebrity deathmatch, daria, beavis and butt-head and so much more. In your face, in your ears and in your head with an attitude that changed music forever. For 39 years, MTV has been an institution.

So join us for the anthems, the noise, and the fun this leap year!

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